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This is our second page of honeymoon photos from Thailand.
We spent a month visiting Bangkok, the Southern and
the Northern areas of Thailand.
Ruth and I were married on September 8, 1996.
We have many friends around the world and found it much easier
to post a few wedding and a few honeymoon pictures for
everyone to see! Don't be too nasty making your
comments when viewing! Enjoy.

honeymoon photo 6
Karin Village (a Hilltribe Village).
We stayed overnight in her home.

honeymoon photo 7
Elephant ride from Karin Village
through the hills of Chaing Mai.

honeymoon photo 8
Rafting! in the hills of Chaing Mai.

honeymoon photo 9
Lahu Village. This is where we stayed
on our 2nd day of trekking.

honeymoon photo 10
Lahu Village Children.

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